Rotterdam Games Week

  • Dreamhack
  • R6 Viewing party

18 - 20 october | rotterdam ahoy


The world greatest digital entertainment festival is coming to Rotterdam on 18-20 October 2019. Founded in Sweden in 1994 as a BYOC LAN Party DreamHack grew over 20 years to a global phenomenon with events throughout numerous cities in Europe, North America and India. DreamHack festivals feature multiple esports competitions, cosplay and much more. At the heart in Rotterdam will be a USD 100,000 DreamHack Open Tournament for CS:GO. A large LAN party will also be part of DreamHack Rotterdam. More details to come later.



November 18, 2018 is the date. Brasil is the place, or … is it? No better way to enjoy the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals than sharing epic moments with other fans. To actually get that high-five when someone pulls off that decisive clutch play. To discuss tactics and your passion for the game. Come join Rotterdam Games Week for its first ever pre-event: the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals Viewing Party at Rotterdam Ahoy.



rotterdam games week

Following the examples of Paris, Berlin and Milan, Rotterdam will in October 2019 also host a large-scale, international esports and gaming festival: Rotterdam Games Week. Rotterdam Ahoy announced that it has therefore signed a long-term partnership with DreamHack, the world's top player in the field of esports tournaments , LAN parties and gaming expo's. DreamHack Rotterdam, 18 - 20 October,  will be at the heart of Rotterdam Games Week but in addition Ahoy in cooperation with the city of Rotterdam and other stake holders is developing other events, both for the same week and leading up to the event.

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Erika Bronkhorst

Event Management

Christ-Jan van Dongen

Marketing & Communications