dreamhack rotterdam

16 - 18 october 2020 | rotterdam ahoy


First organized as a LAN party in 1994, DreamHack has grown into a worldwide premier gaming lifestyle festival tour with eleven stops, spanning eight countries and three continents. 


DreamHack Rotterdam 2020 takes place from 16 - 18 October at Rotterdam Ahoy. 


What to expect at DreamHack Rotterdam?

  • esports tournaments, like DreamHack Open (100k USD) CS:GO and DreamLeague (250k USD) Dota 2
  • a gaming expo with a loads of interaction for both PC and console gamers
  • the Trust Gaming LAN Party powered by Kayzr to play various games competitions for 48 hrs non-stop
  • a Stream Studio where you can see major streamers in action
  • an entertainment podium, with among other things, the DreamHack Rotterdam 2019 Cosplay Championships
  • several side events, such as the NK Drone Race and the European Championship SpeedQB Airsoft
  • great food and beverages catered to your needs


Come out and play!

This is an overview of the activities of DreamHack Rotterdam 2019. In the run up to the event in 2020 more info will be released. 

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