AFK Esports



Get ready for the next battle! AFK Esports is coming to Dreamhack Rotterdam 2019, with not only more than 50 free play setups for you to enjoy your favourite fighting games. But also a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and a Tekken 7 tournament on Saturday and Sunday respectively. Everyone that has a day or weekend ticket to Dreamhack Rotterdam can enter any of the tournaments.

Registration for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or Tekken 7

You can register yourself at this page:


So if you're looking for a challenge and you think you are the best Smash Ultimate or Tekken player at Dreamhack Rotterdam, or just want to meet some like-minded fighting game enthusiasts, be sure to drop by the free play area or enter one of the tournaments.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
The latest in Nintendo’s popular franchise, Ultimate has all past Super Smash Bros. fighters join the battle over more than a 100 stages, both new and returning ones.


Tekken 7
Released as a limited arcade run in 2015, and officially for consoles and PC in 2017, Tekken 7 has sold over four million copies to a skillful and enthusiastic fanbase who have shown their mastery of both the game’s intricate combos and the game’s even more intricate storyline.