Join the Logitech G Challenge at DreamHack Rotterdam



Logitech G Challenge

Do you dream about being part of the official McLaren esports-team? Come to the Logitech G-booth at DreamHack Rotterdam and join the Logitech G Challenge!


Whoever takes part in the Logitech G Challenge during the DreamHack Rotterdam-weekend can get a place in the McLaren eSports racing team! The competition during DreamHack Rotterdam is one of the official wildcard-qualifications of Europe. The final champion of the DreamHack Rotterdam can race against the best of the 2019 McLaren Shadow-project, and if you can survive that you can officially be a part of the McLaren Shadow eSports-team! More information:


League of Legends-competitions, famous YouTubers, eSporters and more!

Besides the racingspectacle you can take part in a cool League of Legends-competition at Logitech G. And to top it all our favourite YouTubers will be at the booth for a meet & greet, and professional eSporters will be available for a showmatch! The program is full of fun activities, and more information will follow soon.


Meet Rojo and others!

Fortnite player Rojo will also join us. Rojo became second during the last World Cup Fortnite (duos). He will give a Fortnite masterclass, but is also available for Meet & Greets, photos and signatures!


Moreover, vThorbenRONALD and the guys of MANSION will join us to game with fans, but are also available for meet and greets. Off course they will also be streaming live from DreamHack.