LG LevelUp X Fortnite



Power Unlimited and LG Ultragear have joined forces and have come up with a super cool stand, called the Level Up, where visitors of DreamHack Rotterdam 2019 can come by to play a few games of competitive Fortnite, have a really good time and win lots of prizes! Keep an eye on our specials to know exactly what amazing loot you can get!


The Level Up-stand is a true gaming-pyramid that does not only look spectacular, but is also functional: at the bottom sixteen people start by playing a game of Fortnite, for a price of course! The better you play, the more points you can get and from that sixteen players the best eight can climb the pyramid to go to battle once again. This goes on until there are only two players left at the top of the pyramid, the top of Level Up! They need to compete against each other for the eternal Power Unlimited-fame, and who doesn’t want that? It’s possible to play all day long, and if you like to meet a few of our editors, you are lucky. Because a few of us will be present to join the party!