NACON at DreamHack Rotterdam 2019



NACON, developer of gaming accessories, has its own booth at DreamHack Rotterdam 2019. It’s the perfect opportunity for gamers to try the newest REVOLUTION Pro Controller 3, besides the other gaming accessories of NACON.


72 m2 NACON-booth

At the NACON-booth visitors get the possibility to try various accessories for pc and PlayStation 4, like the Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller, the Daija Arcade Stick and the Asymmetric Wireless Controller.



Besides that, NACON gives visitors the chance to test the new REVOLUTION Pro Controller 3, that will be available mid-October. A unique chance for the visitors to be the first one to try the REVOLUTION Pro Controller 3! Just like NACONs other licensed accessories for the PlayStation 4TM, the REVOLUTION Pro Controller 3 gives a series of functions and adjustment options allowing competitive gamers to perform optimally.



At the NACON-booth there will be various competitions organized for visitors. During these competitions visitors will get the opportunity to show their skills and maybe even go home with a good prize, like a Wired Compact Controller, Asymmetric Wireless Controller, Revolution Unlimited Pro Controller and exclusive NACON-merchandise, like a cap, sunglasses and more!


At the booth NACON-ambassadors will be present as well, like YouTuber, TheDutchTerms and Twitch-streamers Achterklap and NandoNVO.

On Friday from 10h - 13h Achterklap will be present and NandoNVO from 14h - 17h. On Saturday TheDutchTerms will be present from 9h - 12h and Achterklap from 14h - 17h.


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