VR Arcade brings the future of VR gaming to Ahoy



Experience the future of VR gaming during the Virtual Reality Champions League 

On a deserted graveyard, while you and your friends lurk in the distance, preparing for the worst, there’s suddenly a bold shadow falling down on you. Run! There’s a zombie in your back! Not by pushing a button on your controller, no literally: run! You can’t hide in this futuristic game experience. 


Future of virtual reality gaming
During the Virtual Reality Champions League people get the chance to experience the future of VR. VR Arcade brings virtual reality to the next level. With special gear, glasses, VR headsets, and guns they bring an empty room to life in which the players can run, take cover and team up with their friends to battle a zombie invasion. 


Big VR event
During the Rotterdam Games Week, there will be a daily competition around this VR event. The winners of the day get a prize handed out on the Main Stage. The Virtual Reality Champions League is powered by Vicon en de HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset and HP VR Backpack.


In the shooter 'Zombie Apocalypse’ every team has to survive 12 stages. Each level brings a new world to life, where the walking dead will hunt you down and come at you from every corner.

Ready to run and shoot some zombies? See you at the apocalypse!


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