DreamHack Rotterdam 2019 Stream Studio




Want to see your favourite streamer in action or want to be part of DreamHack Rotterdam yourself and live stream at the event in Ahoy. The sign-up for the Stream Studio is now open.  


Offline meeting point for the online gaming community

The Stream Studio is an important part of any DreamHack event. Vonn Pierre coordinates the Stream Studio during DreamHack Rotterdam 2019. Close to the Trust Gaming LAN Party and in the middle of the event an open area where streamers can create their own program on Twitch or YouTube. Streamers who want to meet their fans and fellow streamers will get a unique opportunity to show up in Ahoy. In addition to some invites, registration is open to every Dutch or foreign streamer who wants to be part of the first DreamHack in event in the Benelux. 

The Stream Studio already starts broadcasting on Thursday, October 17, when the event is still in its build-up, and continues a while after closing time every evening. The studio consists of eight fully catered streaming set ups and a lounge where all shows are run and fans can meet their idols.

Sign-up for the Stream Studio

Streamers who want to sign up to come to DreamHack Rotterdam fill out the Stream Studio form here.