Trust Gaming LAN Party powered by Kayzr



Welcome to the Trust Gaming LAN Party powered by Kayzr at DreamHack Rotterdam. Join us in Ahoy for non-stop gaming fun with hundreds of awesome gamers and esports fans like yourself. Get your BYOC seat ticket and be able to play with friends, for fun or competitively!  Sleep in and meet new people and meanwhile check out everything else happening at DreamHack Rotterdam. A games weekend like you have not seen before in the Netherlands. It starts on Friday October 18th (18.00 hrs) and ends Sunday October 20th (18.00 hrs).

There are three levels of competitions: the master competitions (with a total prize pool of € 13,500 over 5 games), the advanced competitions (with great hardware prizes) and several fun competitions. We call them Serie A, Serie B and Serie C.


There are 800 seats. Exact seating will be attended to in the next stage (begin September) with one day pre access to seating module for people who have already bought LAN tickets


These are the games for which competitions will be played:


Trust Gaming LAN Party Serie A, master competitions

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (5v5, PC) - € 4,000 prize money
  • Leagues of Legends (5v5, PC) - € 4,000 price money
  • Hearthstone (1v1, PC/mobile) - € 1,000 prize money
  • Rocket League (3v3, Cross-play) - € 1,500 prize money
  • Rainbow Six Siege (5v5, PC) - € 3,000 prize money


Trust Gaming LAN Party Serie B, advanced competitions

  • Fortnite (Duo's, Cross-play)
  • Fifa (1v1, PS4)*
  • League of Legends (5v5, PC)
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (5v5, PC)
  • Rocket League (2v2, Cross-play)
  • Overwatch (6v6, PC)


Trust Gaming LAN Party Serie C, fun competitions

  • Brawlstars (Mobile)
  • Brawlhalla (1v1, Cross-play Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox)
  • League of Legends ARAM (PC)
  • Rocket League (1v1, Cross-play)


Here you can download the time schedule for the various competitions.


LAN Platform

To secure your seat and participate in the various competitions please refer to Here you can also learn more about the rules and formats. 


Tech info

Rotterdam Ahoy offers you a super fast internet connection. In cooperation with NFOrceGidPro and  XXL Net a redundant 100 Gb network will be provided and your connection to the LAN will be 1000 Mb.


Here are some settings and instructions:

  • 1000 Mb p/s
  • Auto negotiation
  • DHCP on
  • NAT Type 1, so a public address right on the internet
  • Ensure good antivirus and a local firewall on your PC; the built-in firewall of your PC is generally sufficient
  • Make sure you have p2p programs off. This is filtered on.
  • Ensure good cabling (Cat6 or better), you will be able to purchase CAT6 cables at the event, if necessary.
  • The distance to the nearest switch can sometimes be more than 5 meters. Keep this in mind.
  • Connecting a switch is not permitted. If you do try this, your network port will be closed automatically



Want to enjoy your gaming weekend extra comfortably, it is now possible to rent a resto gaming chair by Trust Gaming, a gaming PC and a gaming monitor! It is also possible to rent all three of them for your ultimate gaming weekend.

  • To rent a Gaming Chair click here
  • To rent a Gaming PC click here
  • To rent a Gaming Monitor click here
  • To rent a bundle (Gaming Chair, Gaming PC and Gaming Monitor) click here


Make you reservation now or before October 14th.


More details on how to enter the competitions and seating will be available soon. Please sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know :


Festival access and access to separate relax area in Rotterdam Ahoy is included in the BYOC LAN ticket. The LAN party runs 48 hours, starting on Friday October 18th at 18.00 hours. 
Get your tickets now at:


Don’t forget to bring

  • Headset/headphones
  • PC
  • Mouse and keyboard
  • Network cable
  • Power strip
  • Duct Tape
  • Sleeping bag and mattress
  • Mobile phone & charger
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste and some deodorant ;-)


* The Fifa19 tournament is organized in compliance with the EA Fifa19 Community Tournament Guidelines and approved, but not not affiliated with or sponsored by Electronic Arts Inc. or its licensors