Initital matches DreamHack Open


10 october 2019
Initital matches DreamHack Open

The 100,00 USD DreamHack Open matches at DreamHack Rotterdam are kicking off in Rotterdam Ahoy (Hall 6) on Friday October 18th, at 12.00 hours. Al eight teams in the competition will have their inititial matches. The Dutch community will particularly look forward to the first two matches as there will be fellow countrymen participating. 


At 12.00 hours AVENGAR will match up against the DreamHack Valencia qualifier Besiktas Esports. The all women team of Besiktas has Dutch pride Petra Stoker (AWP/rifler) as one of its members. The team further consists of Swedish Julia 'juliano' Kiran (IGL) and Zainab 'zAAz' Turkie (rifler) and Russian Anastasiia 'kr4sylya' Kholbystina (support/lurker) and French entry/rifler Meyssa 'Missa' Bellouati.

At 13.30 hours Russian team forZe take on the Benelux qualifier Asterion. The Dutch team consists of Bernadus 'Bernard' Stornebrink (IGL), Nino 'NiNo' Roos (AWP) and Mark 'NexFox' Breetveld (rifler) and Englishmen Thomas 'Thomas' Utting (entry) and Joseph 'Luzuh Loose (AWP).

Other intitial matches are:

15.00 hours: Ex-DreamEaters vs. Heroic
16.30 hours: Cr4Zy vs. HAVU


Check out a brief introduction to all teams here


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