Trust Gaming LAN Party Chair Rental now open


09 august 2019
Trust Gaming LAN Party Chair Rental now open

As an extra service and to enjoy your gaming weekend comfortably it is now possible to rent a gaming chair for the Trust Gaming LAN Party at DreamHack Rotterdam (18-20 October) in Ahoy.

Reservations can be made through this link and after receiving payment (€ 30,-) you are assured of an excellent seat that you can collect at the seats booth at the event. And if you want to take the chair home afterwards, expect huge discounts for it.

Here is some more info on the Ryon Gaming chairs by Trust Gaming that you can rent and try out. There are 3 different colours available.

The Ryon Gaming chair comes with two removable and adjustable cushions for optimum comfort, allowing you to stay on top of your game for hours. The lumbar cushion gives your back extra support and help. The neck cushion contains a headrest and relieves tension. The backrest is adjustable up to 90 degrees, so you can even lay the backrest flat for a quick break after your victory! The seat can also be tilted for more comfort. Simply tilt the chair forwards to reduce pressure on your legs or tilt it backwards to properly align your back to prevent back problems.


• Fully 360 ° rotatable

• Height-adjustable armrests

• Class 4 gas suspension for height adjustment

• 90˚-180˚ adjustable backrest

• Tilting seat with locking options.

• Including removable and adjustable lumbar and neck support