Rule the Game



Gaming is fun and fits a healthy development. Rule the game helps parents with tips & tricks in order to make well-considered choices and agreements with their children. By doing so, you will make gaming fun for the whole family. Rule the game!


What's going on

Millions of children play games.What is (online) gaming today? What is different than before? This is what a parent should know about gaming today.


Make your own choices

By making a decision as a parent about important game topics, you make choices that benefit the entire family.


The right tools

Parental control tools help parents to make agreements about gaming within the family. By doing so you know for sure that your child will play healthy, safe and enjoyable.


Rule the Game is an initiative of the Dutch Association of Producers and Importers Interactive (NVPI Interactive), in collaboration with the Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE), Pan European Game Information (PEGI) and the Dutch Games Association (DGA).